Sooji Ka Halwa With A Twist

Our Guest Chef of the week is Sangeeta Srivastava who is a food lover and a fabulous writer. We loved the chocolaty twist she has given to Sooji ka Halwa which is a popular comfort dessert. This one cannot go wrong. We are sure you will relish this dish to the fullest. 

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“Desserts to De-Stress” Contest – Your chance to get published in our first cookery book

It is such an exciting moment for us as we complete 6 years of sharing the love for food with you all. We are immensely grateful to all our patrons for standing by us through this amazing journey and we hope to have your continued support always.

To celebrate this special occasion, “Tingle Your Taste Buds” brings to you a special contest – “Desserts to de-stress”. As is pretty obvious, you will have to send us a wonderful recipe of a lip-smacking dessert and you might just get published in our first cookery E-Book!

Guidelines for the contest: (Please read through carefully as non-adherence will lead to disqualification)

1. You can send the recipe of any dessert, however milk should NOT be an ingredient of your recipe. So, you need to wear your thinking caps and think of dishes which can be made without the use of milk. (Coconut Milk and milk products like cream, khoya, yoghurt etc can be used)
2. You must send a good quality and original picture of the dish along with your entry. Pictures that are downloaded from the internet will not be allowed.
3. Your submission must include a short 3-4 lines bio of yourself, a couple of lines about the dish, ingredients, servings, preparation and cooking time, process and tips if any.
4. The last date to send in your entries is 15th April, 2018.
5. The jury will include experts from the field and their decision will be final and binding. The entries will be judged on the following parameters – uniqueness, clarity, process, presentation and overall aesthetics of the dish.
6. The top 5 entries will be published in our first cookery e-book and the top 3 entries will be receiving Amazon gift vouchers.
7. If your entry is shortlisted for the final round by us but does not end up among the winners, it will be published on our website.
8. The entries can be sent to or

Feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page in case of any queries.

So, what are you waiting for? Don that chef’s hat and get going. We are waiting for your tempting recipes. All the best!

Quick Summer Recipes

The sweltering summers play havoc with our appetites and it becomes extremely hard to spend hours in the kitchen to cook meals. It’s only natural that this season we prefer to prepare simple, quick meals which are light on stomach and leave us feeling refreshed. So this week we present to you quick summer recipes which are also healthy. These recipes incorporate all the nutritious ingredients like curd, rice, wheat and a variety of vegetables. Do try these quick summer recipes, even in combination if you wish to, for an effortless, rejuvenating and wholesome meal.

Below are the links to the recipes:

Vegetable Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Beetroot Paratha
Beetroot Paratha
Papaya Raita
Papaya Raita
Pudina Raita
Pudina Raita

How to make Paneer

Paneer is fresh cheese made from curdled milk and is very commonly used all over India. It is also called cottage cheese and chhena. In this post, we would like to explain how to make Paneer. This is the process we follow, however you will come across different methods on this with slight variations when you search on Internet.


  • Milk – 1 litre
  • Curd – 1.25 cups (Curd can be of any consistency)

Preparation Time: 10-15 mins.


  1. Depending on the type of milk (low fat, toned, full cream, etc.), the paneer quantity obtained and time taken for milk to curdle will vary.
  2. Many people use lemon juice or white vinegar to curdle the milk. Personally, after trying all the methods we found that the paneer obtained by using curd is softest and of smooth consistency. But, if you do not want to use curd, you can use white vinegar or lemon juice.


Bring the milk to a boil in a large container and then turn the heat to lowest setting.

Now, add little bit curd and sprinkle few drops of water to the milk, and let the heat remain on low flame throughout.

Keep adding little curd at regular intervals (not all at once).

Once in a while, gently stir once so that the milk does not stick to the vessel. Do NOT stir vigorously or frequently.

Slowly, the milk will begin to curdle and once all the water separates from the cheese/paneer completely, stop adding curd.

Switch off the heat and drain the water well from the container using a muslin cloth (if you want in cube form) or any strainer (if you want in crumbled form). Do not throw this water as it very nutritious. It is called whey and it is very rich in proteins. When cooled, you can store it in refrigerator upto 2-3 days and use it to cook rice or knead dough.

If you want the paneer in cube form, place it in centre of muslin cloth and fold cloth from all sides roughly into a thick rectangular shape. Put some heavy weight over it and leave it for couple of hours for it to set properly. However, if you want the paneer in crumbled form, then just directly use the paneer strained using any strainer.

Below are the recipes of the paneer dishes from our website:

Palak Paneer
Palak Paneer
Paneer Bhurji
Paneer Bhurji