Vote for Us – Orange Flower Awards

We are happy and excited to share with our patrons that we are nominated for the prestigious Orange Flower Awards in the category of Best Food Blogger.┬áThe Orange Flower Awards recognize today’s digital creative superstars, and map the way forward for the future – where the digital revolution is heading, and how we, as individual agents of change, can be a part of it. To vote for us, please visit the below link and search for our names, “Anupama Dalmia” and “Usha Dalmia”, in the search box. Both our nominations will be listed and you need to register your vote through your Facebook login. (The email address to be entered while voting should be the one you use for Facebook)

It is your immense support that has helped us grow and we look forward to bring you lots more in the coming months.

While we are working on some interesting recipes to bring to your table soon, you can continue trying out all our existing recipes. As always, we will be eager to know your feedback. Below is the link to list of all the recipes on our website:

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