Sooji Ka Halwa With A Twist

Our Guest Chef of the week is Sangeeta Srivastava who is a food lover and a fabulous writer. We loved the chocolaty twist she has given to Sooji ka Halwa which is a popular comfort dessert. This one cannot go wrong. We are sure you will relish this dish to the fullest. 

Sangeeta Srivastava


    • Rava (Sooji) – 1/2 cup
    • Warm water – 2 cups
    • Ghee – 2 tablespoons
    • Drinking chocolate powder/coco powder – 2 tablespoons
    • Sugar – 2 tablespoons
    • Almonds (peeled and slivered) – 3/4 pieces
    • Honey – 1 tablespoon

Servings: 2 – 3 persons

Preparation & Cooking Time: 15 mins


    • Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and add Sooji.
    • Roast the Sooji until it turns golden brown.
    • Add one cup of warm water along with sugar and mix.
    • Bring it to a boil until the Sooji absorbs the water.
    • Keep stirring the Halwa.
    • Mix the drinking chocolate powder in 1 cup of warm water and pour it into the Halwa and stir well. 
    • Once the Halwa absorbs the water, give it a quick stir and switch off the stove.
    • Serve it hot sprinkled with slivered almonds and drizzle honey on top. Enjoy the delicious twist to the Desi Sooji ka Halwa. 

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