Sprouts Indulgence

Tingle Your Taste Buds
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It’s time for some sprouts indulgence at Tingle Your Taste Buds! I still very clearly remember an incident when during a casual conversation, I told someone that I had sprouts for breakfast. The reaction was – “Oh what along with it?” and I said “Nothing, just that.” which was responded to with “Really? It was enough?”. Well, the answer truly is that it is more than enough and am sure all sprout lovers across the globe will concur with me. In India, traditionally sprouts have never really been an integral part of our diet. So while people are turning health conscious and many have now started including sprouts in their regular diet, there is a section of people who still think that it is not the perfect breakfast item. But we strongly recommend everyone to have sprouts religiously due to its numerous health benefits. If you do a google search on “Health Benefits of Sprouts”, you will find countless articles listing scores of them, the most attractive one being that it helps in weight loss :-)

A friend of mine said that she always thought sprouts are bland so she never felt excited to have them. But once we shared our sprout salad recipe with her, she was amazed and now has it regularly for breakfast. You can have sprout salad by itself or you can have fruits/bread along with it if you like variety but do not keep yourself away from this powerhouse food item. Cooked sprout also tastes great and it makes for a scrumptious main course dish which goes well with rotis or breads. The best thing about sprouts is that they are easy to digest and so they leave you feeling “fulfilled but not full”.

So this week we present two Indian Cooking Recipes – Sprout Salad and Sprout Sabzi – which will inspire you to keep up the Sprouts Indulgence!

Sprout Salad

What better than this inviting and nutritious Sprout Salad for breakfast!!!

Sprout Sabzi

Palatable Sprout Sabzi!

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