Cooking Tips and Tricks

During the process of cooking, we all make mistakes whether we are a novice or an expert. Sometimes we realize there is excess salt in the gravy or sometimes we end up burning something,  the list can go on! In such cases, following some cooking tips and tricks can go a long way in giving your dishes the extra oomph and making the cooking process comfortable by preventing things from going wrong or correcting what has already gone wrong. Additionally, in today’s time when there is so much stress on re-use, there are numerous ways in which we can avoid wastage while cooking as well. So here is a list of cooking tips and tricks which Tingle Your Taste Buds swears by, and hope you find beneficial as well.

Tip#1 –  Always remove the stem of green chillies before preserving it in refrigerator, the chillies will stay fresh for a longer time.

Tip#2 – To avoid worms in Rawa/Sooji (Semolina), fry it without oil till little brown and then store.

Tip#3 – To avoid sticking of ground onion to pan/kadhai while frying, add a little salt.

Tip#4 – Dry fruits should always be stored in refrigerator for keeping them fresh for longer time.

Tip#5 – If curd tastes sour, add some milk for making the taste better. For making lassi and raita with sour curd, add milk instead of water.

Tip#6 – Left over dry cooked vegetables like cauliflower,mixed vegetables etc, can be used for making delicious vegetable sandwiches.

Tip#7 – If salt is more in cooked gravy, add a small ball of atta and heat it for 2-3 minutes and then remove the ball.

Tip#8 – After peeling the top skin of an onion, keep it in water for sometime before chopping to avoid watering of eyes.