Something Fishy!

We never thought we would share non-vegetarian recipes at Tingle Your Taste Buds because we cook only vegetarian food at home. But we received so many requests for it from our patrons who love non-veg food that we decided to include this category as well through our Guest Chef recipes. This week our Guest Chef is special – firstly, because he is our first male Guest Chef and secondly, because he has shared with us the first non-vegetarian recipe at Tingle Your Taste Buds. The Guest Chef recipe this week is something fishy – well, quite literally !

Fish is indubitably adored by non-veg lovers across the globe. It has innumerable health benefits and eating it regularly can protect one from many serious diseases. In-fact, I read about an interesting research which stated that children given lots of fish from the age of three are less likely to have criminal records by the time they become adults! I have umpteen number of friends who are crazy about fish prepared in different styles. I used to find this fish fetish amusing till I had this marvelous dish called Mackerel Rava Fry cooked by our Guest Chef himself. This Indian cooking recipe has been shared by Abhishek Sinha from Goa.

Mackerel Rava Fry is a konkani style of preparation and to me it means a lot more than just a dish – having it is like relishing and assimilating the beautiful culture of Goa. Mackerel is a widely available species of fish found in both temperate and tropical seas. A useful bargaining tip shared by Abhishek is that always ask for extra numbers while bargaining at the local market and don’t bargain for the price. Not only is this recipe finger licking good, it is also very nourishing and easy to digest. So have something fishy and treat yourself 🙂 !

Abhishek Sinha_Mackerel Rava Fry
Guest Chef Recipe of the week – “Mackerel Rava Fry” by Abhishek Sinha