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Trying a new recipe in today’s world is very simple – just one click on the internet and you are presented with umpteen recipes to choose from. While there are a number of websites/blogs on Indian Cooking Recipes, sometimes finding an easy to comprehend, homely and delicious recipe can still be a tough task. Tingle Your Taste Buds is an Indian Cooking Recipes website for everyone because we believe there is a “Chef” in all of us. Our mantra is  – “Cooking well does not mean cooking fancy” and we promise to make the process of cooking fun and simplistic for you all. So keep visiting and tingle your taste buds with us!

Shilpa Kulkarni Yengai

Check out our first Guest Chef Recipe – “Yengai” by Shilpa Kulkarni!

Kadhi Pakodi

Chef’s Special Recipe – Delectable Kadhi Pakodi!









Aam ka Panna

Recipe of the Month Beat the heat this summer with this lip-smacking Aam ka Panna recipe!

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