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This week at Tingle Your Taste Buds, we bring to you all two luscious Savory Specialties from two awesome Moms. The first specialty dish is Ragda Patties which is a very palatable chaat dish and a part of the world famous street food of Mumbai. This recipe has been shared with us by our Guest Chef for this week, Reena Dangi, on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Who better than her to share a Mother’s Day Special recipe with us as she is a super Mom herself with a beautiful and talented daughter. She also runs her own venture in parallel and handles all aspects of her life with equal panache. She strongly believes that it is important to dedicate quality time to your kids to make a sensible, sensitive and intelligent human being out of them. She also has a great passion for cooking and is always willing to try out new, interesting recipes. She also realizes that in today’s time, people are always running short of time so she chose a dish which does not require too much time and effort if one has done the basic preparations in advance. This tasty Ragda Patties recipe is dedicated to all the super women of this world whom we call “Mothers” – the world is truly a special place because of the wonderful Moms in it. We thank Reena for sharing this recipe and for being a great and inspiring mother – hats off!

Dahi Vada is our Chef’s Special recipe this week which is a specialty of another super Mom – my Mom đŸ™‚ Honestly, Mom makes the best Dahi Vadas in the world – am yet to have as tasty Dahi Vadas anywhere else. At our home, no festival is complete without appetizing Dahi Vadas prepared by her. The topping of sweet tamarind chutney in this dish adds a unique flavour to it and makes it an extremely enjoyable one.  Since this is our Mother’s Day special week, I want to express that am truly grateful to have got a strong, talented and righteous person as my Mom and undoubtedly, whatever I am today is all because of her. I know I do not say this very often but thank you for everything Mom and you mean more than what words can ever express.

So friends, try these savory specialties from us and surprise your family!

Dahi Vada
Our Chef’s Special Recipe of the week – Dahi Vada
"Ragda Patties" by Reena Dangi
“Ragda Patties” recipe by our Guest Chef of the week – Reena Dangi

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