Sumptuous Main Dishes

We had received a number of requests to post recipes of Main Dishes which can be made for special occasions especially when you have guests at home. So Tingle Your Taste Buds presents recipes of two sumptuous main dishes for you all this week!

A paneer (Cottage cheese) item is usually a must have in the menu during any occasion or get-together. Infact, it’s a common joke among Indians that paneer is the “chicken” of the vegetarians implying it is an equally tasty and luxurious food item. One can make a multitude of dishes using paneer not just for main course but for snacks or appetizers as well. Paneer is high in protein and calcium content, and many people who have lactose intolerance or cannot digest milk are advised to have paneer instead regularly. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids due to which it provides wholesome nourishment to adults as well as kids. Our Guest Chef this week, Ruchi Nitin Kohli, has shared with us the recipe of Kadai Paneer, which is one of the most popular paneer dishes. It is rich, creamy and a dish that is a true delight to the taste buds. 

In most cases, anything which is extremely healthy is not as tasty and a famous example of this are the vegetables of the “Gourd” family. Their health benefits are very well known to everyone but they are also the most despised vegetables. As a child, even I never liked having them and my mom truly had a hard time to get me to have them. They ought to be an essential part of our diet but then who is going to convince the taste buds?! This is the situation when mothers have to come up with different attractive ways of intelligently incorporating such vegetables into dishes which taste great. Many a times, unless told, the person having the dish would not even realize that the dish actually contains a vegetable which they are repelled by. Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Kofta is one such dish – its delicious and rich flavours make for a perfect main course dish for your guests and at the same time, passes on the health benefits of Bottle Gourd to them!

So enjoy these sumptuous main dishes and treat yourself and your guests!

Ruchi Nitin Kohli_Kadai Paneer
Our Guest Chef Recipe of the week – Kadai Paneer by Ruchi Nitin Kohli!
Lauki Kofta
Lauki Kofta