Summer Beverages

It’s been so hot this summer that we all keep looking for recipes to beat the heat – there is never an end to cooling summer beverages! This week Tingle Your Taste Buds presents two diverse and energizing beverage recipes which are bound to leave one feeling exhilarated and raring to go.

Our first beverage recipe this week is the super hydrating Watermelon Juice. Like all fruit juices, it has a lot of health benefits, is low-fat and boosts the immune system. This is a very quick recipe and can be made without much effort. It’s a known fact that watermelons, whether in the fruit form or juice form, are natural hydrants due to their high water content (Around 90% of it is water !!!) A lesser known fact is that the watermelon seeds which most of us throw away have high quantities of iron. So, instead of discarding the seeds, you can crush them and add it to the juice or the fruit in the crushed, powdered form.

Our second beverage recipe is Sweet Lassi – a favourite traditional drink in India which is relished by one and all. It is a thick yoghurt based drink and this recipe can be modified to add flavours of your choice to make drinks like Mango lassi, Strawberry lassi and many other varieties. The authentic Punjabi lassi is an unmatchabale thirst quencher and is probably the only beverage that can satisfy your hunger too. I can never ever forget the Patiala Lassi (served in a tall jug) I had in Amritsar – was an absolute divine experience!

So what are you waiting for? Soak yourselves in the elation of having these cool summer beverages!

Watermelon Juice
Summer Beverage – Watermelon Juice
Sweet Lassi
 Summer Beverage – Sweet Lassi