We all love to have that snack which is readily available and can be munched on whenever we are hungry. After all, who has the patience to make something when the stomach is rumbling and you are in a lazy mood! Mixture is our chef’s special snack which requires one time effort and can be stored for many days. It is crispy and savory, and hard to stop having once you start 🙂 Mixture is also a great option to carry when you are traveling and is perfect for kids too.


Preparation & Cooking Time: 20-25 mins.


Roast the groundnuts and let them cool down. After that, remove skin of the groundnuts by rubbing with palms. (Skin should come off easily this way).

Roast the chana dal till the colour becomes slightly brownish. Keep aside.

Take a heavy bottomed pan or kadhai, and heat oil in it. Now the chiwda needs to be fried. This is the tricky and critical part of the recipe and it is important to get the technique right.

If you fry chiwda like you deep fry any other thing, it will spread all over and by the time you take it out, it might get burnt. Hence, the best way to fry chiwda is to hold a sieve in the oil and put chiwda in the sieve.

First try with 3 to 4 pieces to check if oil is hot enough (chiwda should immediately come up and expand).

When oil is ready, fry chiwda using the sieve. Take handful of chiwda at a time and take out the sieve as soon as chiwda is done. Ensure all oil is drained back into the kadhai before placing the fried chiwda aside so that mixture does not become oily. Repeat the process till entire chiwda is fried.

Add all other ingredients (roasted chana dal, roasted groundnuts, black pepper powder, salt and turmeric) to the fried chiwda. Mix well and let mixture cool down.

Mixture is ready. Store it in an airtight container to retain its crispness.

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